Model 204

Modello 204

Discontinuous hydroextractors with vertical axis and cardanic suspension on three supports, characterized by a fully independent production cycle (semiautomatic or fully automatic), where the product, after being loaded and then washed, is scraped by a special scraper which conveys it to the discharge positioned in the machine lower part.

The machine is controlled by electric motor and provided with speed electronic control. The scraper has a programmable hydraulic control as to cut thickness (provided with a special nozzle for the final cleaning of the filtering pad).

The filtering pad has a cylindrical shape and it is fixed to the rotary basket vertical wall, with two proper expansion rings (the securing system has been recently conceived and its replacement is made easier), upon request, the rotary basket can be made with removable cover, which is secured to the filtering pad to allow the basket quick replacement.
The machine internal washing system (both for the basket internal part and in the solid discharge area, as the one conveying mother liquors), is total and ensured by various devices both fixed and rotary, and particularly accurate, which allow this operation with the machine switched off and therefore they are not polluting the surrounding environment. The new motorizations allow an optimal operation also at different speeds and the operation is really silent (65,70 decibel).

Model 204 RE

Modello 204RE These models are commonly installed on working platforms (decks) or provided with an independent load-bearing structure for raising.

In basic “REA” models the solid discharge cone is equipped with a particular device (SWITCH) suitable to avoid any peat afflux during loading or due to electrical black out and which could pollute the solid particles previously unloaded.
In the “PRE” version, the machine is manufactured tight with inertization through NITROGEN flow controlled both in the pressure and in the residual oxygen content inside the machine. The solid product discharge is conveyed by a hopper, equipped with a hydraulically controlled Keystone valve, in proper collecting tanks, inertized and tight too; therefore the unloaded product is never in contact with operators and with the working environment.

Upon request a second collecting vessel (waste material) is available with capacity equal to the maximum load. This vessel is used during the loading stage, therefore, in the case of a prolonged lack of power supply, during the loading or the panel stabilisation, the same can collect the product that inevitably would fall in the hopper clogging it.

Model 204 RPE

Modello 204 RPEVertical axis hydroextractors with cardanic suspension on three supports, with discharge from the bottom through the scraper, inertized with nitrogen for the machining of flammable, explosive and/or toxic substances.
The electronic control of all the functions is fully automatic.

Model 204 RFA

Modello 204 RFAHydroextractor with unloading from the bottom for the collection of the centrifuged solid.

Construction features:

- Machine body directly anchored in a rigid way to the inertial base, which is laid on viscous shock absorbers.

- Shell completely hydraulically overturnable to allow the complete machine cleaning.

- “Multi flushing” washing system for the washing the basket both inside and outside and the machine body in all its components.

Model suitable to process finished and valued products, the construction is in compliance with GMP standards and it is manufactured in ATEX version, using special steels or corrosion-proof coatings.

Model 204 Characteristics

Caratteristiche Modelli 204